A Funny Proof Which 'Proves' Girls Are EVIL !

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This proof is based on certain assumptions and some Mathematics. So let's start...

We know that, girls require money as well as time. So,

Girls = time x money .......(1)

But, these days, time is money. So,

time = money ................(2)

So, Girls = money x money = (money)2 ......(3) [From (1) and (2)]

But, as we say, money is the root cause of all evils,

money = √Evil ......(4)

Thus, (3) becomes,

Girls = (√Evil)2

And thus,

| Girls = Evil |

I stumbled upon this proof as I was chatting with my friends after the mathematics examination. My friends told me this. Girls, I hope you don't mind.....

Some measures to save our Mother Earth before She sinks !!

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Being human has got its own adversities - we are really SELFISH! Humans have become so 'developed' that they consume the earth's resources up to 20 times the planet's sustaining capacity. News channels, newspapers, blogs, magazines and all other media you can think of, report of many articles regarding the government's failure to implement environment friendly laws, other eco-fiendly(not eco friendly) measures by the industries..... To be very frank, I'm really bored seeing all this stuff. If you really want to put a block on global warming, we need to start from the grass root level. Here are a few measures which can be taken by all of us, by which we can do our bit towards a greener, cleaner and cooler planet...

  • For children : Use less paper. Don't throw your old books which have some blank pages left. One can collect all blank pages and bind them together for further use. Such books can be used as rough books or to practice maths.

  • For Young people: It would be better if we consume less electricity. It is commonly seen that the young mostly waste electricity and other resources especially for computers, iPods, Xboxes and other gizmos. I am not saying that you shouldn't listen to music or surf the net. But set up some limitations for the same. (This applies to me also. I have made up my mind to save as much electricity as I can).And yes, avoid using automobiles for short distance travel.

  • For housewives : Please see to it that children obey these rules :D . And segregation of garbage-one of the most important things as recycling of plastic/metal containers/paper can prove to be really helpful.

  • For all of us(in general) : Stick to public transport, save paper, use Energy-Star rated computers(An energy-star rated computer consumes electricity less than a bulb when it is idle.), Use natural ventilation instead of those mighty air conditioners, and the next time you go in for any automobile, make sure it meets the pollution control standards. Promoting recycling, holding workshops for communities may play a major role in curbing pollution.

Do you have anything else to say or suggest? Go ahead, shoot......

Dating Advice - The new market buzz?

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Business and the art of making money just keeps getting better and better these days. And as far as internet is concerned, the list just goes on expanding day by day. Get paid to try, review, click, surf.......you search for it, you get it. And now there's a new branch-dating advice. It's set to capture a chunk of the business in the internet world.

Thanks to the West's influence all over the world, dating has become a sort of a fad. "You in college and you don't go for a date?... Ahh, that's awful" These are today's responses. Gardens, beaches, parks, places of national interest(lol)..you name it...you find young couples scattered all over the place. And as dating keeps getting better and better, new techniques start to evolve. Dating advice finds place here. Earlier, it was women who needed advice to cope up with their men. But now the scenario has changed. With women becoming more fussy, it's time for men to seek advice. WIth time, many sites have come up with the idea of giving advice to men on how to improvise their women-handling skills.

The Seduction Bible is one of them. This site is complete with books, podcasts, and other reference materials to boost your self confidence in meeting, attracting and dating women. And yes, there are interesting experiences of young individuals, that are worth going through. Do you have any problems in your dating phase? Feel free and vent your problems here.

Did you visit it? Do you think this site will help you gear up for some woman-handling? Please post your opinions.....

What an ambition!!

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The other day, I had been to a park with my little cousins. As I watched them play, my focus shifted around the place a bit and I saw a little boy who wasn't playing. He was busy looking here and there. I called him by my side. He must be around 12, I guess. He seemed to be, sort of...umm.. serious. Too serious I must say...or you can say far sighted. I asked him his name, in which building he stayed,etc. After a moment I realised I was in the middle of a conversation. Then, literally out of the blue this question popped out of my mouth,"What's your ambition, what do you want to do in life?". And the reply which I got made me really confused! I just did not know whether to laugh or to cry! He said,

"Later in my life, I'll join the armed forces. I'll do the best I can for the force as well as India. Eventually, after many years of doing service [he laughs] , I'm hoping of becoming the chief of the army staff. And the next thing which I'll do will be the most important thing.....I'll the overthrow the president.....[My lips turned into a big 0]... I'll take over the country and the first thing I'll do is inculcate discipline into the people of India. The next thing task will be to shoot all the politicians. They are really the demons for a country like India. After my country becomes self-reliant, I'll restore democracy and then......."

I waved my hand beckoning my cousins. He got the signal and he stopped. He knew I was a bit nervous."Everyone seems to shudder when I tell this to them. Did I say anything wrong?". I shook my head and walked away.......

What the hell is going on? Is this the impact of news, the internet, some television soaps or what? Can anyone help me?

Quake 3 Arena : Best in all aspects?

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You have taken the lead! I muttered when I just finished playing this game. I feel that this game is really one of the best as it scores above rest in most of the aspects which I consider i.e the graphics, theme or the story, the models, and the most important, system compatibility. I believe that this is the major problem which the most of the games face; if a game has some great texture, it loses in system compatibility. Now, I have a 7 year old computer( Pentium III 500MHz ) in which mostly all the games run with some latency. But Quake 3 ran comparatively well with very less latency. As I said earlier, this game has a great theme, you need to kill your opponents to reach the frag limit. The one who reaches this limit, wins. Other categories include a team deathmatch, in which your team has to reach the frag limit before the opposing team, a one-on-one tournament and 'capture the flag'. All this plus the fictitious guns, the character models, make it look like a real battling arena. It has definitely taken a lead in my game rankings. And yours?

Do you want to be heard?

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This blog is based on opinions....remember? And that too YOUR opinions......Actually I observed that some visitors wanted to speak their heart out and suggest a few topics which are worth discussing.Well, the cat is out the bag! You can now post your suggestions for my next post.And yes, I'll highlight the name of the person who gave the suggestion. Just punch in your suggestions in the comments section. And if your topic is hot, tantalizing and worth the attention, I'll definitely do some research first and then post as soon as possible. So, what are you waiting for??

Democracy in India justified?

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Well, I don't think so. India has become a breeding ground for corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and other filth. It's high time now that India must be in good and disciplined hands. We all say that India will get a 'developed' status by 2025, but I still think India will not develop even beyond 2100. Because it's not the common man who is developing. India lives in villages. Just have a peek at India's rural growth and you'll know what's going on. India's state is just like China's, where the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer. The only difference is that, China has realised this and India hasn't. Just take for instance, the agricultural growth and industrial growth. The government's actions are partial as agriculture has not received the top priority status. Food demand, which is never ending is not receiving that kind of boost which the industries get. The suicides by farmers in Vidarbha, the strikes for halting the creation of SEZs clearly paint a vivid picture on India's growth.The babus are experts at blaming others. Tomorrow, even if India is bombed to destruction, they will simply start their blame game instead of taking appropriate measures. All we Indians need is a tyrant ruler, who invokes discipline. Indians must understand the need for a new form of governance in order to boost the stagnant growth of the lower middle class.

I hope this post will be an eye-opener for all those who think that India is really 'developing' at a faster rate.

And yes, what's YOUR opinion?

5 MOST Commonly Made English Mistakes

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English is the number one language of the world with over 50% of the world's population speaking the English language. But everything in this world has at least some blots. Same is the case for English. Here are some of the greatest mistakes which people make in their English usage....

  1. Mistake - "Anyways, blah blah blah..."
    Correction - "Anyway, blah blah blah..."
    I'm seeing this everywhere! I just don't know what has happened to these people, everyone seems to be using 'Anyways'.

  2. Mistake - There are too many SUV's parked in there.
    Correction - There are too many SUVs parked in there.
    It seems to be very minor mistake but has disastrous effects sometimes as the meanings completely change. The letter 's' is used singly for plurals and with an apostrophe to show belongingness.

  3. Mistake - The incorrect usage of "F*** off!"
    Correction - This statement is used only for those with whom you have sex. In the Oxford dictionary, the meaning is given as 'Go away', which is incomplete. You tell your f*** to go away. It's like saying "Be off with you" to your f***.

  4. Mistake - "Its a nice day."
    Correction - Well, the difference between "Its" and "It's" is that, "Its" shows possessiveness, while "It's" is the short form of "It is", just like "what's" and "let's".

  5. Mistake - "I'll buy an ice-cream"
    Correction - "I'll buy an ice cream.
    Yes, the Oxford dicitonary has knocked off all the hyphens from its entries in the latest editions. Well, this is our mistake as we didn't use it frequently.For more click here.

So, do you make these mistakes? Then you better improve yourself.....Please leave your comments....