Now It's This Blog's Turn !

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Damn! Whenever I visit this blog, my heart sinks. Ask me why? And the answer will be, I feel it's too dull, with no colours, less comments, many cross browser bugs, and almost zero interactivity. And to add to the discontent, the PageRank dropped to zero, thanks to the sponsored posts.

I completed the revamp of my James Bond blog. You can check that out. I've also finished creating two templates for the Blogger platform, which I hope to launch very soon. So you see, I've been quite busy.

But now it's time for me start the conversion. I'm confused over the style which I need to give, I mean a magazine styled template or a simple just-another-Blogger-blog styled template. And I prefer styling it my way, and not using any external readymade templates. Secondly, I need to integrate some of the scripts I worked on, popularly known in the Blogosphere as 'hacks'.

And maybe the most important of all, I have to revive the pagerank. Huh, now I have to make a search on how to revive a lost PR.

So please bear with me if you find any twists or turns in the layout.......