10 reasons to use Google Analytics

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Till now, the word has spread about Google's new service - Google Analytics. To start with, it is a tool to monitor the visitors to a website. Here are 10 reasons as to why use Google Analytics......

  1. It is the best tool to count the number of visitors to the website. It gives the most accurate count for the same, while other hit counters count even the number of webmaster visits.

  2. The tools gives you detailed information on the traffic sources. Sources are classified in a great manner.

  3. Visitors are classified into various groups. One such group is Unique visitors. Thanks to this classification, one can easily estimate how many different users visited your site.

  4. The dashboard consists of an array of flash objects. Just one glance and you know what's the status.

  5. It also tracks the geographical location of the visitors. For instance, if there are more number of visitors from the UK, then you know that you have to give more attention to the British crowd.

  6. A list of keywords is displayed using which the crowd followed your site. This plays a major role in SEO.

  7. An option which I consider as important is Goal conversion rate. You can set up various goals and keep a good track of them.

  8. With a single account, you can monitor various websites. This is one of the best features of Analytics.

  9. Do you have a Google AdWords account? If yes, then you integrate it with Analytics for better results.

  10. With the detailed graphs, pie diagrams, and the detailed information which they provide is enough to make you understand what to do next.

So, what's YOUR opinion?

Harry Potter versus James Bond

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The controversy is back again! This time with a greater tang. Harry Potter or James Bond. Who is a greater action superhero? For kiddos (or for some adult kiddos...lol), its got to be HarPo while for most adults, especially girls and spy freaks, James Bond is the feasible option.

James Bond is voted the best action superhero even above hot favourites like Superman, Batman and all other mans..hehe......but Harry Potter rakes in a record USD 4.47 billion ahead of James Bond (USD 4.44 billion).....but I have the justification for that for being a James Bond fan...

I would certainly vote for the MI:6 agent. Although Harry has a wand,has those wierd eyes with perfectly round spectacles, James Bond has that charisma which even Harry can't possess...after all he isn't human, he's a wizard!

What do YOU think?

World's First Complete Knee cap Replacement Surgery at AIIMS

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In another first, after India's historic World Cup win, a team of Indian orthopaedics from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) replaced the kneecap completely along with the tendons and shin bone. This historic feat was performed on a lady Naida Khatoon, who was suffering from a rare cancer of the patella, which is the knee cap.

The 21 year old used to get excruciating pains in her right knee and soon her knee started swelling. After many tests, scans, etc. she received the bad news. The cancer was a threat to her mobility as she was unable to fold her knee. But facing against all odds, the orthopaedic surgeons entirely removed her knee cap, along with the shin and the tendons, and replaced with the others donated by a 52 year old lady after her death.

Now Naida can walk like any normal person and has zero susceptibility to get the cancer again. The patella cancer is quite rare and is mostly cured by removing the tumour, which has some chances of the cancer to resurface, or directly by amputation.

Musharraf : Heads, I win, tails YOU lose !

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I think the General has started his tactics again. This is evident from the announcement that came yesterday from one of the Supreme court lawyers that even if Musharraf loses the ballot battle, he may as well retain his position as the chief of the armed forces. He is one the closest ally of the United States which downs his image in front of his own people. He be came the ruler of Pakistan in 1999, just after the Kargil war which Pakistan lost, after ousting the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Many events have benn rocking Pakistan since the last few months which include the re-election of Iftikar Choudhary as the CJ, the military ambush as Lal Masjid and the latest being the threat from Osama Bin Laden. The chances of the General being assassinated are becoming more and more. With the United States on one side and the people of Pakistan on the other, it has really become tough for Mush to take sensitive decisions.......

........Or is it just the games people play....

India did it WITHOUT a coach......

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The best and the first T20 WC tourney was won by India WITHOUT a coach. After a lot of humiliation faced by the Indians in World Cup previously, coach Greg Chappell had resigned and then the BCCI faced hell lot of problems to appoint a coach. India did not have a full time coach when they finished this tournament. No one had expected that the Indians will make it to the Super 8, leave aside the semifinal dream. As Dhoni says, "The determination to prove others wrong fired us .", it was the determination, the hard work and the courage that proved to be fruitful for the Indians till the end. And at last, they have clinched their well deserved trophy.....

India's durbanators bail out Auz

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Relief for India at last. Tonight, India's yopung champs proved themselves by defeating the mighty and experienced Australia. The match was really breathtaking.....at one point of time I thought that the Indians were done for. But then after remarkable dismissal of Mathew Hayden by Sreesanth, India showed signs of taking control. But then after the dismissal of Andrew Symonds, the others fell like cards. Even then, during the last three overs, the suspense still prevailed. But Harbhajan bowled an incredible spell and Clarke was gone! Later the pressure grew as the dot balls grew. Finally the Aussies were frustrated and the bowlers grabbed their chunks in the form of wickets. And that was the end of it.....

Now, its the biggest and the most crucial match....the finals...and that too against arch rivals - Pakistan...

So long - Hyphen......

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Dead! This was announced by the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED). The hyphen's death was announced in the latest edition of the SOED, thanks to villians the Email(not E-mail) and the SMS. The short black mark was removed from around 15500 words from the dictionary. So the next time you write "pot-belly", or "pigeon-hole", please don't forget to correct it to "pot belly" and "pigeon hole" respectively and curse the Emails and SMS services. The SOED is supposed to have knocked out the sign as many people has reduced its usage. Their spokesman said,

"We only reflect what people are saying in general are or writing.We have been tracking this for sometime and are finding that the hyphen's usage has reduced enormously. It may upset many, but we are only reflecting widespread everyday use."

Vodafone takes over....

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Finally, the takeover process of Hutch by Vodafone is complete. UK Telecom major Vodafone had bought 67% stake in Hutchison Essar for around USD 11 billion. Well, the advertisements have started flashing the original Hutch boxer standing on a red carpet and instead of the usual Hutchison Essar logo its replaced by Vodafone Essar logo. The British telecom major has really taken a wise step by entering the lucrative Indian markets which are undergoing a mobile revolution. And when I mean revolution its really a REVOLUTION. Just yesterday, as I was travelling in a rickshaw, to my surprise the driver started speaking on his mobile handsfree earphone. I almost let out a gasp. If Vodafone needs to survive it has to cope up with the competitive rates, better networks and quality customer service. Once inside the Indian markets, it will have to face stiff competion from other telecom majors like Bharti Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance. Well, it has already taken a few steps which include cheaper roaming rates, better connectivity in villages........

Mr. Mittal, are you listening?

Indian festivals stung by the West??

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Till some few years back, festivals were celebrated piously with great fanfare. Today, the scenario has changed. In the nights in the pandals where they display idols, modern day remixes are played. Consider this Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai. Or Gokulashthami. The idols are adorned with costly ornaments, decorated beautifully.....but, remove your earbuds, and you will find western music or remixes blaring in your ears. For Gokulashthami, thousands of Dahi Handis or breaking a pot hung a height by forming human pyramids, are rranged, risking the lives of thousands. The stakes involved make it more deadly. Sometimes I feel that if God comes to such a place, He will surely flee that place. The word 'Chastity' no longer has any meaning at such places. Today festivals mean just profit for businessmen and politicians who simply support such formations for money and votes.....

And we call it DEMOCRACY...

What do you think?

That's Kewl ! ! !

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Yeahh ! Aston Martin, one of the best automobile major has been voted as the coolest brand in the United Kingdom, in a survey conducted by CoolBrands. The car company even beat today's hottest selling electronic item, Apple's iPod! Well, some of them (even me) give the credit to James Bond label it has got. For more click this link below :


Parliamentarian Award for Chid justified?

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Yesterday, MPs Sharad Pawar, Manishankar Aiyar, Sushma Swaraj and Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram received the best Parliamentarian awards. I don't know much about others, but about Chidambaram,I can say that he does not deserve this honour. Since his tenure as the finance 
minister,  only some limited fields have made progress. The Stock market more than doubled, the GDP growth was around 8%, but the main question remains answered.........What about the common man? Inflation reached new heights, price rise is constantly on the rise........and the list goes on. What's the use of this so called development if the common man can't sustain this development? Then what's the difference between China and India if the rich become richer and 
the poor become poorer. Then I would say that China is on a much safer position as their government has started realising this problem. Let's hope the same happens here too....

Hats off to DEMOCRACY :(

Raed This

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Accodring to a rnecnt svruey, a nmoral prsoen raeds not by atcaully giong thrgouh the wrods, but by glncanig at the fisrt and the lsat lttrers. This is deu to the haibt fomred lnog 
ago in our chlidohod by coutninosly raednig a lot. Eevn if the letetrs in bwteeen the fisrt and the lsat letters are atlreed, it mekas no deffericne to us, we can go thruohg smoohtly.......

Couldn't you??......Isn't it a startling survey?....What do you think??

Twenty20 - Cricket's Future?

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I think cricket must be included in the Theory of Artificial Selection. Like humans cricket has also evolved. From Test to One-dayers. And now Twenty2o. Cricket's just getting better and better. But the problem here is, the hardcore action is just for around 3 hours with a twenty minute break in between. But yes, the real capability of a player is tested.Tight bowling and fielding, yet some great batting characterize these matches. World no. 1 Australia still holds the records in these matches too. With the World Cup 
already started Twenty20 cricket is bound to quench every cricket fan's thirst. Being a cricket fan, I have put up live cricket scores...

Are you with me?

Now, that's real Traffic Exchange!!

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A week back, I stumbled on this site. Its Trafficg.com . And yes, with a great theme!! It makes you think of that saying- Tit for Tat. You need traffic to your site? Well you should extend the same courtesy. You receive credits once you start surfing through them. These  credits are then converted to visitors. The more are the number of credits, the more is the traffic to your site.
What are you waitng for? Just go ahead with it..... Click here


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As luck could have it, India displayed a poor performance and as a result lost this match as well as the series. In the end, Collingwood is a happy man as his team just pulled off their feat in this last match, which was a decider as India had levelled the series earlier. As I mentioned in my last post, all the hardwork is almost a waste now as India couldn't finish this crucial match. What's more, India lost in a terrible, scoring just 187 
runs and could do nothing to stop the hosts from snatching a seven wicket victory.

What can we say??  :(

Can India live up to our expectations?

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Finally, the final match is going to be a decider. India is now in a more or less crunchy situation wherein which India must do its best to clinch the series title.......else all the past efforts are simply futile. With Sachin and Dada in full form it may prove to be easy for India to make a headstart if they bat first. Its going to be a great day at Lord's with both the teams slogging it out to clinch the series. I believe the teams are going to be the same. A win may provide a big boost for India for the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup.

So let's keep our fingers crossed!!


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Hmm, that's what I was reading about yesterday. My newspaper reported that these days blogs have evolved into 'hiring machines'. The
advertising industry is one of the most lucrative industries. So these advertising agencies select pre tested 
applicants. These people view lot of blogs and then select their employees on the basis of their creativity,
imagination and their presentations. These include the profficiency in languages, the type of words used, 
the number of visitors and the way they present themselves. This  article really astonished me as blogs have a new jewel in their crown >--> Hiring. 

So, have you thought of tidying your blog??

Craig shaken! For sure!

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Daniel Craig, the new-Bond-on-the-block, is supposed to be literally shaken by his girlfriend, film producer Satsuki Mitchell. According to media rumours, both of them got engaged in this summer vacation. He supposedly proposed to her during a holiday in Italy. They might be planning to marry very soon. She would be his second wife, his first wife being Fiona Louden, a British actress.

Shaken??Are You??