A futuristic and impartial search engine is finally here!

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Yes, you heard that right. Google seems to be growing old and partial day after day, making webmasters sick of so the called 'PageRank'. Today, the biggest headache for administrators is to customize their websites according to the search engines, which employ complex algorithms for indexing the websites on the basis of links. So, even if a person writes something that deserves the real publicity, he is devoid of the same, and the reason is - poor links. Such a pathetic scenario literally begs for a change.

Well, for now, there is no need to worry, as Earthfrisk.org has come to the rescue. It is an out-of-the-box search engine which has the capability to rule the Internet. It is based on an entirely different concept which may prove to be useful for people to get apt results.

This Search Engine displays combined results from premier search engines which include Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, Clusty and many others. But the best part is, people can rate and comment the sites themselves to improve the results. All this forms that concept which is termed as Color Value(CV), which is analogous to pagerank.

And to add to the fun, they have started their toolbar, currently for Internet Explorer and Firefox(Hope they extend it to Opera and Safari). Bloggers can also add their own logo and make a custom toolbar which can be placed in their blogs, thereby increasing traffic to their blogs. They can also promote their posts using this toolbar.

On the whole, I can say Earthfrisk has the scope to rule the Internet search industry, with revolutionary concept, which will not only benefit webmasters, but also people who need apt content to go through.

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Poll : Who's the Indian of the year 2007?

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The year 2007 was a year full of events for India - good as well as bad. Many Indians/Indian Organisations made their marks in the form of good business men, or sportsmen, or actors. Maybe, 2007 is the luckiest year for Indians, who are on their way to conquer the world. But who is the best? Please cast your votes on the right. If you think someone else deserved the credit, you can add your opinion in the opinions page....

  1. Dr.R Pachauri
    He won the Noble Peace prize for for his notable work on policies dealing with climate change and global warming. He shared the nobel prize with former US Vice-president Al Gore. Born in Nainital, India, he completed his Industrial Engineering from North Carolina University. He headed many big companies before being elected as the chief of IPCC.

  2. Ratan Tata
    He catapaulted Tata Steel to the 5th position from 56th! He achieved this by the takeover of Anglo-Dutch steel manifacturer Corus for around USD 11 billion. Tata is the chairman of Tata group, which consists of many companies ranging from manifacture of fertilizers to manifacture of automobiles. And yes, he will be launching the much awaited Rs. 1 lakh car in January,2008.

  3. Team India
    They stunned the whole cricket world after clinching the the first Twenty20 World Cup, after defeating Pakistan in the final match. But the most important thing is, they did this without a coach and amidst criticism from all sides after their humiliating exit from the ICC Cricket World Cup. ALso, the good thing is, all players contributed equally in this victory, which is unlikely most of the times.

  4. Vikram Pandit
    He stunned the world after being elected as the chief of CitiGroup, the international conglomerate which includes banking and other financial services. Born in Nagpur, India, he was the former board member of Nasdaq. He also was the president investment and banking section of of Morgan Stanley. CitiGroup ranks 6th in the Fortune 500 list and market capitalization of more than 250 billion dollars.

  5. BSE Sensex
    The Bombay Stock Exchange continued its upward trend which started in mid 2006. It closed above twenty thousand points, which is double than last year's ten thousand. Many so called 'analysts' said that the Sensex would undergo severe losses due to corrections and government policies. But BSE proved them wrong and bulled theough the 20000 mark. The index is also the world's biggest index with over 800 companies listed.

  6. The Ambani Brothers
    After splitting their empire last year after their father's, Dhirubhai Ambani's death, Mukesh and Anil Ambani,have literally doubled their wealth. Maybe, they split their empire just to double it and also gain some media attention. Now, their shares have doubled, their services have improved, and at one point, Mukesh was the world's richest man surpassing even Bill Gates! Now, the brothers are the world's richest.

  7. Amitabh Bachchan
    The Star of the Millenium is even more ambitious now. He is still India's favourite. The 65 year old's stunning performances include Black, which was specially made for the Oscars. but unfortunately, it wasn't nominated. Even at this age, he continues to maintain his charm. You'll find him in most of the films, and advertisements. He restarted his career after his company ABCL incurred severe losses. ANd from then on, there was no looking back.

These were some of the most influential Indians. If you have anyone else on your mind, you are free to post your opinion.....

What's Your Quote today?

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One of problems after settled life include an insurance policy. You just say 'insuran...' and hundreds of them jump to get you. In such a situation, it's imperative to find it difficult to choose the best and the most secure one. And what's more, these days, insurance types are many...life insurance, family insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance and the list goes on and on.

After selection, the problems do not end, unfortunately. The problems simply expand! How much money should I spend? How can I reduce premiums? what term can I select? These questions just keep bugging you. Earlier, people had to go to big offices or you can say, looked like offices, to select their insurance policy, or to pay their monthly or annual premiums or even make claims. But now, everything can be done by the click of a button. As the advantages increase, the headaches arise once again with the emergence of frauds, which itself turns into a problem. To find a good one becomes a problem.

The other day I came across a great site offering quoting services. You can also check it out here. This site offers many types of insurances which include universal, term, employer group policies, whole life policies, and other life insurance policies. And the most important thing about them, they are not frauds. SO what are you waiting for? Go ahead get a quote today for all of your insurance needs!

A Great Place To Book Your Dream Holiday

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It's December, and moreover it's Christmas time. The time when, people celebrate, a time when students get holidays, a time when products are available with discount......and the time people go for holidays! And it is this time that they find it difficult to book their own personalized 'dream holiday'! With a plate-full of travel sites offering you the best deals, it's difficult to find the best.

What I stumbled upon, is a great site with the best deals this season. Can't believe me? Check it out at Hotel Reservations. It's really a great place to book that dream holiday which you always wanted to go for. And what's more, they are offering about 70% discount on reservations! It deals with holidays, hotel reservations, resorts, car rentals, flight tickets and much more. This site scores many plus points over other sites. For instance, they have comprehensive in-detail forms with help available in each and every section. For vacations, they have also included vacation packages. This site is useful not only for Americans and Canadians, but also for people from Europe. Do you ask for experience? Well, they have the experience of over six years and have served lakhs of people plan their holiday. They offer more than 70000 properties worldwide, which includes hotels, condos, resorts and clubs. And all this, at a vey competitive price.

So, is this the right time to book a holiday? Absolutely! Be there and grab your chunk of enjoyment that you have craved for......

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Beware! Mental stability is going haywire!

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These days, I'm really scared to even glance at the newspapers. That's because, headlines such as "16-year old stabs boy in the eye", "17-year old guns down mate for bullying", "Frustrated Boyfriend shoots girlfriend's kin".....make your mornings absolutely terrible. Everyday, the papers are filled with gory images and news of frustated people killing few innocent ones. Earlier, this fever was only is in the West, but it is now slowly spreading all over the world. The United States tops the list for most number of such killings.

But, the crux of it is, what goes wrong in the mental setup of the individual, what exactly compels him to commit such a gruesome thing? Is it the atmosphere, the workload, or ego? I would certainly blame all the three. As a matter of fact, a bloating ego plays a leading role in driving the individual into commiting a murder. And this so called 'third generation' is full of it. Even in countries, children are becoming more stubborn, leave aside adolescent people, and are bent upon getting things they want. Just recently a 15-year old girl commited suicide just because her father didn't get her favourite outfit. In another case, a girl tried to commit suicide by jumping off her 7 floor building. And they reason? Not less marks, not depression, but the reason is this, her father disallowed from going for the picnic conducted by the school as the tests were nearing.

I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow, a student guns down his teacher for not favouring him, or a jilted son stabs his father for not giving him his share. Day by day, the tension, competition increases as man 'evolves', as man makes 'progress' and with that, the mind is getting bloated with the hot air waiting for it to explode.

The next question is, how do we stop it? Now this is something which, I suppose YOU should tell me........

Expanding the Gooo of Google .........

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It all started with a few computers, a garage and two people, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today, it has a market capitalization of over USD 2 billion(correct me). Throughout, Google has been dominating the minds of all those web publishers who hope to make it big on the Internet. This very moment you are reading this article, atleast 20-25 searches are being made! These days, Google has other intentions. Almost suddenly, tons of free softwares and services have popped up, softwares that bear the Google logo. And the most important of all, most have them are out-of-the-box and more user-friendly. Personally, I found these softwares quite tantalizing initially, but then, I figured out that these are meant only for computers with a good configuration. And what's more, it is planning to launch a free mobile Operating system which works in all mobiles!

My favourite amongst all those is SketchUp. Earlier I thought Google Earth was the best. But with SketchUp, you can make real-life 3D images and charts. I'm planning to make the header image with Sketchup. The other favourites include searching US patents, gadgets(I don't know why they are called so), Orkut, Blogger(of course!), and to some extent, Google Trends. One can take a peek into Trends to find out the latest searching trends, favourite searches from all over the world. Some even optimize their web content after knowing the search trends(I don't do it unfortunately). The book search is a good way to find some interesting articles. For others, Blogger and Orkut make it to the top.

Everyday, Google is spreading its wings extensively. But Google needs to have look around. People don't know why they are being banned from Adsense, controversies surface due to lack of security in Orkut, a host of scripts in Gmail slow down your Inbox loading......and the list goes on. There are many technical glitches which Google needs to improve on. That's the gooey stuff from Google. I won't be surprised if Google continue the same trend(to be very frank!). Quantity without quality may prove to be disastrous for a company like Google.

The other day, I read an article in the newspapers about Google entering the energy market. It proposes to enter the solar power industry to feed its huge data centres all over the world. It hopes to save as much power as it can, in a bid to make the world a greener place to live. According to the news report, Google is planning to generate about 1 Gigawatts of power to feed its servers. Now that is something out-of-the-box!!

Many believe Google can surpass Microsoft in the coming years. It has almost entirely dominated the web world with its whacky services and softwares. I personally like Google for its support for pure innovations. I've managed to watch some documentaries based on Google, where I came to know the atmosphere inside Google. In all, Google is a one-of-a-kind company, which I hope, will be the leader in innovations.