Beware! Mental stability is going haywire!

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These days, I'm really scared to even glance at the newspapers. That's because, headlines such as "16-year old stabs boy in the eye", "17-year old guns down mate for bullying", "Frustrated Boyfriend shoots girlfriend's kin".....make your mornings absolutely terrible. Everyday, the papers are filled with gory images and news of frustated people killing few innocent ones. Earlier, this fever was only is in the West, but it is now slowly spreading all over the world. The United States tops the list for most number of such killings.

But, the crux of it is, what goes wrong in the mental setup of the individual, what exactly compels him to commit such a gruesome thing? Is it the atmosphere, the workload, or ego? I would certainly blame all the three. As a matter of fact, a bloating ego plays a leading role in driving the individual into commiting a murder. And this so called 'third generation' is full of it. Even in countries, children are becoming more stubborn, leave aside adolescent people, and are bent upon getting things they want. Just recently a 15-year old girl commited suicide just because her father didn't get her favourite outfit. In another case, a girl tried to commit suicide by jumping off her 7 floor building. And they reason? Not less marks, not depression, but the reason is this, her father disallowed from going for the picnic conducted by the school as the tests were nearing.

I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow, a student guns down his teacher for not favouring him, or a jilted son stabs his father for not giving him his share. Day by day, the tension, competition increases as man 'evolves', as man makes 'progress' and with that, the mind is getting bloated with the hot air waiting for it to explode.

The next question is, how do we stop it? Now this is something which, I suppose YOU should tell me........

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2 Responses:

Globalist on December 20, 2007 at 10:24 PM

This isn't new. Maybe the media these days has gone more deeper into such exasperating events.
A great blog you have here!


hannibal on September 13, 2011 at 12:34 PM

you must understand its the parents fault. most children undergo all types of stress but only those brought up incorrectly are compelled to do wrong.