Your Views On Cosmetics?

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The fact that the mankind is stung by the quench for beauty, has been supported by the pouring of more and more cosmetics into the market by the day. Almost everyday, something or the other cosmetic product are endorsed by big celebs. A lot of time is spent not only in using these cosmetics, but also selecting them. In short, billions of dollars are spent to show the survival of not the fittest but that of the most beautiful is taking place.

Cosmetics have been in use since 4000 BC. The Egyptians used them for embalming the dead. In the Americas and Africa, natural pastes and creams were used either to decorate the body or cure wounds. In India, Henna was used as a hair conditioner. Some of them even use it today. The parts of juicy vegetables and fruits were used as cosmetics. I still remember my grandma using the skins of fruits and vegetables for revitalizing the facial appearance, sometimes even for acne. But these days, products like acnexus are used to treat acne.

Today, a lady's purse is incomplete without a makeup kit. Before an interview, a date, and the mirror and the lipstick will be found in a female's hands. The third generation girls have become self conscious these days and as Suburbqueen's post goes, they are too much bothered up about the works that are quite evident on their faces. Let me be a bit frank. I've seen many girls, women to be precise, applying too much of makeup, look absolutely terrible. In fact, I know a girl who puts so much of eyeliner that I get scared when I look at her eyes(protruding and dark!).

The market here in India mostly is above $6 billion annually, and a result, many companies have started fluttering wings over here. Especially the deodorant industry is prospering healthily. Earlier, getting things like deodorants, eyeliners, to mention a few was really difficult and sometimes we had to ask our acquantances abroad to get it. But now, all of them are avialable freely, and that too for a highly reasonable price.

Some say the sale of cosmetics has decreased marginally due to awareness about the the health hazards they pose. It is said that phthalates, which is widely used in cosmetics poses a fatal health hazard, and activists are working hard to ban their use in cosmetics. Although it has been banned in Europe, the rest haven't taken any step against its use. Cosmetics also are tried and tested on animals, which can be taken as going against bio-ethics.

To wrap up, I can say cosmetics have become a trend, but I hope it doesn't become a fad. Their use should be limited, excessive use can not only harm our body, but the sweet and cool nature around us too. In short, cosmetics are beauty thirst quenchers, but they can also be beauty stenchers!