Some of the top Bollywood flicks are COPIES !

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It seems Bollywood is taking the Chinese route to success. Have a keen look at some Bollywood's recent flicks, and you'll find most of them more or less copies of either foreign or regional films. Let me highlight the top three Bollywood movies that ruled the box office for weeks.....

Dhoom 2
I'm not saying that the whole movie is a spoof. But there were rumours that stunt artists were called in from Hollywood. Have a look at the last part of the film when Abhishek Bachhan and Uday Chopra chase Hrithik Roshan on a bike. If you have seen Mission Impossible 2, you'll know better what's going on. The moves have been literally copied. The only difference is, in this movie, two heroes chase a vilian, while in Mission Impossible 2, only Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) was by chased Sean Ambrose(Dougray Scott) and Ethan was the hero. A big blow for Hindi action fans!

I can say this film has reached the pinacle of copying! It's just the hind version of Hitch, the Will Smith starrer. In this movie Salman Khan plays the Love-Guru. This movie is fully the same, only that Govinda plays a much comic role. The rest, including the gimmicks, are the same. It's surprising how a director like David Dhawan can accept such a movie. But the humour is comparatively better(now that is some David Dhawan stuff!).

A typical Sanjay Gupta movie, which he claims is in loving memory of one of his favourite South Korean films, Oldeboy, has some scenes exactly same as Oldeboy, especially the blood spilling on the keyboard(sounds pretty violent, doesn't it?). The story, the scenes, the bloodshed, almost the same. Although this movie didn't make it that big, its music was awesome. Overall, this action flick atleast captured some attention.

My Set of Blogging Rules For The People of The Blogosphere

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After almost 4 months of blogging and some rigorous blog-surfing, I have managed to compile a set of blogging rules. These rules aren't compulsory, but if you try and stick to them, maybe you can prosper in this ever increasing blogosphere, with as many as 50,000+ blogs published per day(correct me) slug it out to become the best in terms of design, content, and most important of all, visitors. Well, enough of stats, let's get down to business.....

  • The most important rule is to create original content. One must refrain from copying content from other sites, who knows, someone may catch you red handed.

  • I came across this very recently. Whenever you write words in capital letters for your post titles, it implies that you are shouting that particular word. For instance, the post title below contains the word 'end' in caps, which means that I'm trying to shout or stress upon that particular word.

  • When you want to show any expression, you write it, generally, within brackets; like raising hands, or yawning, etc. But in the blogosphere, I found they usually write it within asterisks(*). For instance, I want to say,....(yawning)I'm bored...., I'll have to express it as .....*yawning*I'm bored....., hope you get it.

  • Many people blog to earn some extra income. Some of them get so excited by the thought that they jump on the monetizing services within days of publishing their first post. I would say that folks should switch to these services after at least three long months of some good blogging and building some content.

  • Don't simply pour you content. Make a post or two per week, so that these posts remain on the main page to get some attention. I came across some blogs that make about 3-4 posts a day! If this is the case, then not all of your posts will get that attention which they deserve. I would recommend about 1-2 posts per week.

  • This rule I consider it equally important. Visit other blogs or websites. Don't just be inside your blog world. You need to come out of it and visit blogs that belong to your category. Make a condensed list of blogs you find interesting and keep visiting them, so that YOU are noticed by others. That does not mean spamming. You just need to express seriously. Build up a community, make friends, interact with them. Then slowly, the word spreads and you blog gets the attention it deserves.

Did I miss something? Please feels free to add some more of these rules.

Newton's Dark Secret - The World will END by 2060

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It seems what Sir Isaac Newton said 300 years ago, may be a reality, after all. According to him, the world would end by the year 2060. He just didn't say it without thinking, but what he said was based on some mathematical calculatoions and the study of all the planets' motion and their gravity. The above document reveals this prediction(The first picture that has appeared in the Posts section). Actually, I discovered this prediction in a documentary, "Newton's Dark Secrets", and later I found this document in . This documentary also reveals that Sir Newton was an alchemist, yes, an alchemist.

Maybe, all that he said was right, not from the scientific point of view, but looking at the present scenario now, I think the world may end even more early. Terrorism, global warming, other natural disasters, you name it. Today, our primary objective should be to reduce our dependencies on machines, remember, machines must be our slaves, we shouldn't be machines'. Secondly, scrap that bloating ego and learn to stay like humans. It wouldn't cost a penny to say sorry to someone. The proverbs aren't just for children. It's time for their wide-scale application. And the third would be hope. Never lose hope and faith in God.

With this note, let's hope we prove Newton wrong and make the world a peaceful place to live for all living beings. Do you wish to say something about this. Be free.........