Yahoo! launches its free SMS service

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Yes, you heard that right!! Yahoo! finally launched its much awaited free SMS service. Now you can send free SMSes directly from your Yahoo! mail. You won't be charged for this service but the receiver may have to shell out a nominal amount to his/her service provider. For now, this service is started only in selected areas and will spread out very soon. Yahoo! has launched this service a bit late due to the testing work, etc. but now members can make full use of this service. 

AGLOCO finally works!!

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Good news!! Finally AGLOCO kicked started its services and now is fully functional. This site is based on a revolutionary concept of paying while you surf the internet. According to them, I should say millions of peoples spend hell lot of money to reach you while you surf. So how much do you get out of it?? AGLOCO keeps a very small part of it and pays you the rest. All you
have to do is register and then download the viewbar software and surf the net as you usually do. You
get an additional  sum if you refer your friends. The more you refer, the more you get. The internet may really benefit from such a programme. This is the first-of-its-kind bid to get all the surfers. So, what do you think?

This is my first post !!

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