Is Northern Rock The Luckiest Bank Ever?

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I was just going through the newspaper(Mumbai Mirror) yesterday, when I came across this article in the editorial section. The heading was 'A bank is nationalised'. The first para highlighted the plight of the depositors when a bank drowns. At the first place, I thought it would be a story about an Indian bank. But later I realised it was a rock solid bank from UK........

My speculations were false indeed. It was the Northern Rock Bank from the Uk, with assets of over Rs.904000,00,00,000 , or 113 billion pounds. But suddenly, the Northern Rock plunged southwards, thanks to the new mortgage crisis. The scandal was discovered long back, in 2007. The bank still struggles due to high borrowing costs. But what exactly happened? People rushed to the bank to withdraw all their money amidst speculations that the bank may collapse. The result? The bank ran out of cash, and asked England's Reserve Bank for help. And what's the best part? The government nationalised the bank! Now, the bank's website says that the depositors' money is safe and all branches, call centres and other operations remain open for business as usual.

So why is the bank lucky? Or the luckiest? Usually, when such an event takes place, big banks jump to takeover such banks and all the shares are transferred. And the biggest advantage for these big banks is manpower. But take the case of Northern Rock. The Bank of England nationalised it straight away, just because it was one of the top five lenders of Mortgages UK. By doing this, the bank has not only restored its services, but also recieved the extra cash which it required.

So what do you have to say on this?

Muralitharan's Mouth-Opening Spins (Pictures)

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Muttiah Muralitharan is the name which terrifies world class batsmen, thanks to his lethal spins. But now, allow me show its funny side........

I got this idea, as I was reading an article about him in today's newspaper. These photos are not to insult him, and are published with due respect. Hope you enjoyed them..........

The Best Credit Services For the Bad Credited

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In recent times, unfortunately, geting an auto loan may be quite tedious, as you need to furnish details on your income, your capability in returning the loan, and also your income tax details. But some organizations offer loans to people who are unable to show these details, in short, have bad credit. And these organizations are all listed there.

Apart from all this, this site lists the best websites offering all kinds of loans, including home loans, credit card services and other finance related matters. All those listed there are aptly categorized, ranked and appraised. And what's the catch? It's for people with bad credits!

Does The Indian Army Need Conscription?

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That's the last thing the Indian Army would resort to, but the Army Chief seems to be desperate about draft or conscription. Till now, India has the largest army on the basis of voluntary services, the military draft has never been imposed on its citizens. But thanks to the tech and economic boom, most of the individuals are being lost to corporate giants. In the last three to four years, there has been a steady decline in number of candidates appearing for the NDA or IMA exams.

One of the most important factors which still bugs the indian soldier is the salary. Although the government has provided lots of other goodies, like free ration(foodgrains), Rs.20 lakh security cover, separate living quarters, and many such crunchies, the payscales are too low. As a result, it fails to attract the youth.

But, a career in the armed forces fulfills one wish - job security. Since it's a government job, your job is highly secured. Apart from increasing the number of employed officials, draft has other advantages too. For instance, it has helped China in checking it's rapid population growth. Perhaps, it may also inculcate some discipline amongst youngsters, who, these days are brimming with arrogance and over-confidence. And yes, fitness can be very well taken care of. But I would suggest, that the cadres should serve for a maximum period of 2 years, beyond which they should be given the option of discontinuing or continuing their services.

If at all draft is really introduced, the government would face a tough task of training lakhs of youngsters as there would be an infrastructure crunch. Moreover, the quality which is usually maintained would dip by leaps and bounds. And again comes one of India's major problems - corruption. All big-shots can very well bribe officials to exempt their children from conscription. And what's more, the entire system(education and political) would need a revamp.

So, you can see that draft can be beneficial, but sometimes may get foul as well. What do think? Should conscription be introduce in the Indian Armed Forces? You can also vote in the sidebar on the top in the poll section.........

We Have Got Our Chunk Of Climate Change, Have You?

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So it's not just the talk, after all. After all these days of fancying the dreadful climate change, we have, or atleast I have, realised that climate and weather have certainly changed, thanks to our computers, those intoxicating fumes emanating from those industries hoping to make it big, and our attitudes, of course. Let me tell you about Mumbai. The temperature during Christmas was around 28-32C. The normal temperature? 23-26 degrees. The temperature in January was below 15 degrees! And for a coastal place like Mumbai, which has high humidity, this is the most unusual. The lowest temperature recorded was 10.2 degrees! Even now, as I'm writing this post, I feeling chills down my spine.

So that was about Mumbai. It's hard to imagine what north India might be undergoing, with the temperature in the capital, New Delhi, falling to 0 degrees. I doubt whether the temperature may rise further in the coming weeks. Although most of northern India is near the Tropic of Cancer, the temperatures haven't yet soared. Hundreds of people have died owing to severe cold and even snow. Mostly, this time around(February), spring sets in. But I can still feel the cold biting into my body. The only good thing winter has brought in is, lots of alphonso mangoes. It seems the number of mangoes grown has increased considerably owing to this cold climate.

The climate change has brought about mixed feelings. Yet, there is no such commotion over the same. Actually, I had expected some uproar from the political opposition parties as well as the media. Although, no one has realised the volatilty of this issue, maybe it's time we buckle up and change our lifestyle to keep the nature calm.......

Did you experience any such weather change? Please share your thoughts......