A futuristic and impartial search engine is finally here!

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Yes, you heard that right. Google seems to be growing old and partial day after day, making webmasters sick of so the called 'PageRank'. Today, the biggest headache for administrators is to customize their websites according to the search engines, which employ complex algorithms for indexing the websites on the basis of links. So, even if a person writes something that deserves the real publicity, he is devoid of the same, and the reason is - poor links. Such a pathetic scenario literally begs for a change.

Well, for now, there is no need to worry, as Earthfrisk.org has come to the rescue. It is an out-of-the-box search engine which has the capability to rule the Internet. It is based on an entirely different concept which may prove to be useful for people to get apt results.

This Search Engine displays combined results from premier search engines which include Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, Clusty and many others. But the best part is, people can rate and comment the sites themselves to improve the results. All this forms that concept which is termed as Color Value(CV), which is analogous to pagerank.

And to add to the fun, they have started their toolbar, currently for Internet Explorer and Firefox(Hope they extend it to Opera and Safari). Bloggers can also add their own logo and make a custom toolbar which can be placed in their blogs, thereby increasing traffic to their blogs. They can also promote their posts using this toolbar.

On the whole, I can say Earthfrisk has the scope to rule the Internet search industry, with revolutionary concept, which will not only benefit webmasters, but also people who need apt content to go through.

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