India did it WITHOUT a coach......

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The best and the first T20 WC tourney was won by India WITHOUT a coach. After a lot of humiliation faced by the Indians in World Cup previously, coach Greg Chappell had resigned and then the BCCI faced hell lot of problems to appoint a coach. India did not have a full time coach when they finished this tournament. No one had expected that the Indians will make it to the Super 8, leave aside the semifinal dream. As Dhoni says, "The determination to prove others wrong fired us .", it was the determination, the hard work and the courage that proved to be fruitful for the Indians till the end. And at last, they have clinched their well deserved trophy.....

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kicko on October 2, 2007 at 12:02 PM

hey, let me tell you what, India won just by fluke, had it not been Misbah's hook, India would have been nowhere.