Musharraf : Heads, I win, tails YOU lose !

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I think the General has started his tactics again. This is evident from the announcement that came yesterday from one of the Supreme court lawyers that even if Musharraf loses the ballot battle, he may as well retain his position as the chief of the armed forces. He is one the closest ally of the United States which downs his image in front of his own people. He be came the ruler of Pakistan in 1999, just after the Kargil war which Pakistan lost, after ousting the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Many events have benn rocking Pakistan since the last few months which include the re-election of Iftikar Choudhary as the CJ, the military ambush as Lal Masjid and the latest being the threat from Osama Bin Laden. The chances of the General being assassinated are becoming more and more. With the United States on one side and the people of Pakistan on the other, it has really become tough for Mush to take sensitive decisions.......

........Or is it just the games people play....

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