Indian festivals stung by the West??

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Till some few years back, festivals were celebrated piously with great fanfare. Today, the scenario has changed. In the nights in the pandals where they display idols, modern day remixes are played. Consider this Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai. Or Gokulashthami. The idols are adorned with costly ornaments, decorated beautifully.....but, remove your earbuds, and you will find western music or remixes blaring in your ears. For Gokulashthami, thousands of Dahi Handis or breaking a pot hung a height by forming human pyramids, are rranged, risking the lives of thousands. The stakes involved make it more deadly. Sometimes I feel that if God comes to such a place, He will surely flee that place. The word 'Chastity' no longer has any meaning at such places. Today festivals mean just profit for businessmen and politicians who simply support such formations for money and votes.....

And we call it DEMOCRACY...

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