Democracy in India justified?

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Well, I don't think so. India has become a breeding ground for corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and other filth. It's high time now that India must be in good and disciplined hands. We all say that India will get a 'developed' status by 2025, but I still think India will not develop even beyond 2100. Because it's not the common man who is developing. India lives in villages. Just have a peek at India's rural growth and you'll know what's going on. India's state is just like China's, where the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer. The only difference is that, China has realised this and India hasn't. Just take for instance, the agricultural growth and industrial growth. The government's actions are partial as agriculture has not received the top priority status. Food demand, which is never ending is not receiving that kind of boost which the industries get. The suicides by farmers in Vidarbha, the strikes for halting the creation of SEZs clearly paint a vivid picture on India's growth.The babus are experts at blaming others. Tomorrow, even if India is bombed to destruction, they will simply start their blame game instead of taking appropriate measures. All we Indians need is a tyrant ruler, who invokes discipline. Indians must understand the need for a new form of governance in order to boost the stagnant growth of the lower middle class.

I hope this post will be an eye-opener for all those who think that India is really 'developing' at a faster rate.

And yes, what's YOUR opinion?

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3 Responses:

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Visor on October 11, 2007 at 10:22 PM

Hey, I can't understand this language...can you please comment in english?....Even broken english will do!

Willem van Goisan on October 13, 2007 at 12:09 PM

Hi, you should delete the crescenet comment. It gives (takes) 10 unshamed backlinks to one site.

What I actually wanted to say was:

You write: "India has become a breeding ground for corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and other filth."
Hm, sounds familiar! I could say the same on Europe, or who cannot say this about his/her country, when he/she got open eyes.
Allready at the beginning of the 20th. century MAX WEBER a german sociologist wrote on this phenomenon.
One solution might be: Control. And to get control under constitutional law. Democratic principles of control have to be inserted into constitutions in order to implement some kind of 'cleaning factors'. However mostly this seems pretty hopeless.
Wish you a nice day!