Some measures to save our Mother Earth before She sinks !!

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Being human has got its own adversities - we are really SELFISH! Humans have become so 'developed' that they consume the earth's resources up to 20 times the planet's sustaining capacity. News channels, newspapers, blogs, magazines and all other media you can think of, report of many articles regarding the government's failure to implement environment friendly laws, other eco-fiendly(not eco friendly) measures by the industries..... To be very frank, I'm really bored seeing all this stuff. If you really want to put a block on global warming, we need to start from the grass root level. Here are a few measures which can be taken by all of us, by which we can do our bit towards a greener, cleaner and cooler planet...

  • For children : Use less paper. Don't throw your old books which have some blank pages left. One can collect all blank pages and bind them together for further use. Such books can be used as rough books or to practice maths.

  • For Young people: It would be better if we consume less electricity. It is commonly seen that the young mostly waste electricity and other resources especially for computers, iPods, Xboxes and other gizmos. I am not saying that you shouldn't listen to music or surf the net. But set up some limitations for the same. (This applies to me also. I have made up my mind to save as much electricity as I can).And yes, avoid using automobiles for short distance travel.

  • For housewives : Please see to it that children obey these rules :D . And segregation of garbage-one of the most important things as recycling of plastic/metal containers/paper can prove to be really helpful.

  • For all of us(in general) : Stick to public transport, save paper, use Energy-Star rated computers(An energy-star rated computer consumes electricity less than a bulb when it is idle.), Use natural ventilation instead of those mighty air conditioners, and the next time you go in for any automobile, make sure it meets the pollution control standards. Promoting recycling, holding workshops for communities may play a major role in curbing pollution.

Do you have anything else to say or suggest? Go ahead, shoot......

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3 Responses:

Rollover on October 30, 2007 at 5:40 AM

but the main shit must come from the government!

Diff.Thinkr on June 12, 2009 at 5:52 AM

I would ask the students to write with fountain pens as far as possible because the amount of gel and ball pen refill used are enormous

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apurvaa on June 1, 2011 at 6:44 AM

It Is Very Useful..
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